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Terms of purchase

Terms of purchase

Terms of purchase
Service provider’s name:     Online Trading Solutions s.r.o.
Service provider’s e-mail:
Service provider’s address:   943 41 Nová Vieska 145

Browsing the website

To browse the website and to view products, no pre-registration is necessary.
You may brows the products on our website in different ways:
•    If you know the product’s name you may directly search for it by writing it in the SEARCH box
•    Products on the website are sorted by different categories

Products can be sorted by name (ABC) or by price

Our website’s operation is shown below in accordance with the regulations of the Electronic Commerce Act (2001 year CVIII law)

Registering on our website

By clicking on the “Register” button found on the header, you may initiate your registration.  During registration you must provide your name, (mailing) address, phone # and e-mail address.  The date is required to fulfill the order.  Registration takes place in American, on our website you will also find product information in English.  The date provided during registration may be modified and deleted before placing the order, but not afterwards.  If you do require to make any changes or wrote incorrect information then please, get in touch with the website’s operator.

After registering, you will receive an e-mail to your e-mail address, which contains access to our website.  The “Online Trading Solutions s.r.o.” will use the above information in accordance with the privacy policy.

Long Distance contract

The subject of the contract are for all the products found on website.  You can find the product’s properties, characteristics on the page of the particular product.  Information of the products found on the website are valid at the time of ordering.  In case of new orders of the same product, but at a later date, the data may change.  The offers found on the website are valid at that particular time.

By filling out and sending the order and receiving a confirmation e-mail from "Online Trading Solutions s.r.o.", based on Government Regulation 45/2014, a contract is formed between the distant customer and "Online Trading Solutions s.r.o." (Address: Slovakia, 943 41 Nová Vieska 145 E-mail:
As Service Provider and as the Orderer as the Customer, under the following conditions:

In case the Customer requests home delivery during the time of the order, the Service Provider is responsible, after choosing the type of payment – payment upon receipt or following payment – for mailing to the designated shipping address, the product/s chosen by the Customer on the order page!  In case, for any reason the mailing is delayed, the Service Provider is responsible to contact the Customer immediately by e-mail or by phone, to discuss further information, in this case the distant contract was not established between the Parties.
The Customer is responsible for picking up the product/s they ordered on the Order page and shipping addressed provided to the Service Provider and to make payment in full of the amount included, in the Service Provider’s confirmation e-mail by the payment method which was chosen – including shipping and handling fees. 
For questions not regulated here, the Civil Code, as well for the contract between the long distant parties, the 45/2014 Government rules apply.
With the help of the web shop’s usage, the created contract’s language is Hungarian, contracts created this way do not constitute as written contracts, and "Online Trading Solutions s.r.o." does not file them.

Purchase and orders

You can use the Add to shopping cart button for the product which you searched for and wish to purchase, this is on every product’s page and can be found on the detailed product page next to the product. 

This is where you can delete or modify the number of products which you have added to your cart.  You can expand your shopping cart by adding products or if you wish to finish and finalize your purchase, click on To the cash register and then on the summary page choose the “Order” button.
On the “Order” summary page, it is possible to view the information for ordering, to modify and to send a message to the Service provider related to the contents of your order. 

Prices shown on the website include VAT.

You may choose from the following when ordering:

Delivery methods:

- GLS Europe shipping

Once you place your order, our system will send you an automatic message about your order, then the official confirmation will also be sent by e-mail to our customers. 


In case there is a complaint about the product’s quantity and/or quality, the Customer will ship the product back, unless the complaint took place at the time of the handover of the product.  In case of justified complaint, the new product’s postage fee will be charged to Online Trading Solutions s.r.o.
Place of complaint (based on the provisions of Act year 1997 – CLV):
•    by e-mail:


Rules pertaining to the Costumer is controlled by Rule 45/2014, in summary:
The Customer has the right to cancel.  Cancellations are at the time of:
•    After receipt of goods,
•    In case of service, after the contract is concluded 

It is accepted within 8 business day (or within 14 calendar days).  By providing the cancellation in writing, it is enough to send the cancellation notification within 8 business days to the Service Provider.  The Customer, in this case, can cancel their order without any financial obligation, if they can return the product in its original condition.  If a damage occurred to the product, then the Customer is responsible to reimburse the Service Provider.  "Online Trading Solutions s.r.o." Is responsible to reimburse the price of the purchased product and the cost associated with the order within 30 days; in this case the customer is liable to pay for mailing back the product.

Cancellations can be made in the form of:

•    by e-mail:

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience in our website!
Purchasing conditions, downloadable version: